About Forest Therapy

How can a walk in the forest bring us such peace, calm and joy?

We all know being in nature makes us feel good.  

We often instinctively seek out beautiful, natural environments when we feel stressed, overwhelmed or in need of some peace.  

First Nations people across the world have known the healing power of nature and our inseperable place within it for many thousands of years.

And yet, within our modern Western, technology driven, urban societies many of us are spending more and more time in front of a screen, disconnected from the natural world.  

Forest therapy has been described as the “natural antidote” to our fast paced, high stress lives.

With its origins in Japan, the term “Shinrin-yoku” was coined in the early 1980’s.  When translated in English means “To bathe in the forest atmosphere”.  With a unique blend of ancient Buddhist and Shinto wisdom and modern science the practice of forest therapy was further developed in Japan to address the significant public health crisis due to urbanization, overwork, and stress related illnesses.

Today,  Forest therapy is practiced in many countries across the world, growing in awareness as a research-based, affordable and effective Public Health practice with mulitple physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages and abilities. 

The direct and indirect benefits of Forest Therapy are many and varied. Below are just a few!

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces the heart rate
  • Reduces the concentration of stress hormones in the body (cortisol, adrenaline)
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue and confusion
  • Improves feelings of happiness
  • Accelerates recovery from illness

When you join me on INFTA Certified Forest Therapy trail, I will guide you through a gentle, unhurried sequence of activities to slow the mind, open the heart and feel nurtured by nature’s beauty. We will draw on various techniques, including meditation, gentle movement, and mindfulness, to allow you to tune in to nature’s wonders using all your senses, let go of your stress and worry, and feel a sense of peace and calm.


Feel Connected

“The forest is the therapist, your guide opens the door.”

– A Clifford.

Plants on rainforest floor